Our Services

A-1 Carpet Cleaning Started in Chattanooga in 1990, we:

-Steam Clean carpet
-Re-stretch loose carpet
-Steam Upholstery
-Steam Car Interiors
-Strip & Re-wax Tile and Wood Floors
-Buff & Shine Tile and Rock Floors

Steam Cleaning

Steam cleaning carpet is the predominant service of A-1, but we also have several others you’ll read about.  Steam Cleaning is good for spot removal, vacuuming tiny dust & can kill bacteria.  Every job & estimate is based on the Economy Service, which is around most furniture and only moving light furniture if needed.  The Deluxe package is moving all furniture and steaming the entire room, and applying stain-resistant scotch guard afterwards.

We first spray super hot steam on your carpet with the wand that’s connected to a vaccum hose, which extracts it the same time.  When washing dishes, you know extremely hot water helps clean dishes right up, the same principal applies to steam, simple H2O does over 95% of the hard work.  For stubborn stains, pet areas & uncommon types of carpet, we have a variety of cleaners depending the situation.  We have commercial products, enzymes, deodorizers, over the counter cleaners, green eco-friendly cleaners, and well as household products such as a well known favorite, Vinegar, famously known for it’s odor-eliminating capabilities.

Freshly steamed carpets will generally look pleasant & smell cleaner instantly.  Carpets most commonly dry in 4-5 hours.  6 to 8 hours is also common, even 12 hours in unusual circumstances, depending several factors.  The 2 elements that make carpet dry fastest are heat & air circulation; Turn ceiling on & the heat up.  86 degrees preferred.  For entertainment, home owners may leave the house for a couple hours afterwards with the heat turned up to the low-80’s, it’s a good excuse to try a new restaurant while giving the carpet it’s best atmosphere to dry a few hours undisturbed.  Often, clients that own a box fan will ask me if they should set it up, and the answer is yes, if you would like to do that, sure, it will help.


Re-Stretch Loose Carpet

Re-stretching loose carpet, this is my favorite service.  You’ve probably either had or seen someone’s carpet that has big wrinkles all down the middle of the room, yes we get those out, they aren’t always easy but they generally are fun.  Each house & re-stretch job is slightly different, so every one is like a new puzzle to figure out how is the best attempt to stretch the wrinkle out, and after decades of business, those who’ve been happy are plenty, and those who have been unsatisfied are seldom to none.

To re-stretch the carpet in a room, the room must either be completely empty (the bigger the furniture the more crucial to be removed), or mostly empty.  We charge to move furniture.  For a free estimate, call 423-718-3890



We’ve steam cleaned everything from household recliners, to hundreds of office chairs in a call center!


Vehicle Interiors

We steam clean vehicle interiors too!  Everywhere there is cloth in the car; the seats, floorboards, floor mats, trunk, seatbelts, and spot-clean the ceiling if there are visible stains.  Most vehicle interiors are $75 or $100.

Strip & Re-wax Tile and Hardwood Floors

We’ve done Wal-Mart, schools, offices, indoor basketball courts, as well as residential homes.  Floors typically get one coat of sealer, and anywhere between 2-5 coats of wax.  We first strip & buff the old layer of wax on the floor and then mop until the floor is clean as possible.

Buff & Shine Rock and Tile Floors